Sunday, 25 October 2015

How to Harness the Power Within!

How to Harness the Power Within!

We all have one, you know. 

A switch...a power switch. Some of us know this and have experienced the exhilarating moments when it has been turned on. We dream of those times and long for it to stay that way always. Others of us are asking 'What switch?', 'I don't feel very powerful!' But it's there, my friend! It might be hiding beneath old crusty layers of doubts, fears, abuse, neglect and all the other challenges that come with living in a fallen world, but it is there! And we can turn it on, keep it on and harness the power within. 

KT the Power Coach has been sharing his heart with us and helping us to fill our 'toolbox' with the essentials to live this 'Power ON' life, this 'more than a conqueror' life, this 'blessed to be a blessing' life, this FULL LIFE that you crave, that I crave, that we all deserve to live.

Here are the TOP EIGHT POWER TOOLS from KT the Power Coach:

1. Always remember -YOU ARE POWERFUL!
Not only are we made in the image of the all powerful God, but we have access to God's power right inside of us. Furthermore, God has gifted each of us with unique talents/gifts and it is our personal responsibility to find those gifts, learn how to use them and commit to sharing them and making a difference in our lives and the lives of others. 

2. Never forget -YOU MATTER!
You have been placed on the earth at this very moment for a reason. Your life matters! Think about that...truly ponder that awesome thought--- what is your reason for living?

You'll only go as far as your attitude will take you! To improve your life - to have more - give more!! Grow in knowledge- read, develop new skills, study yourself, become more, learn how to be the best you! Don't accept anything less than 100% commitment from yourself- seek RESULTS not reasons, not excuses; commit to adding value to your self, your business, your relationships.

We were made to need each other, to serve each other. We all need a little help sometime. Search for a mentor, coach, or partner to help you reach your goals or to hold each other accountable for living the empowered life. Choose your company carefully... you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose positive like-minded people. Think about it- what do you want from life, what do you want to give or contribute? Write down a plan, write out what you want and together with your accountability partner, work towards that plan.

It won't be easy, but never forget- you have the power! Challenges are inevitable but don't cringe from them, embrace them, real growth comes through adversity. Persevere!!

So everything isn't always cheery rosy, but let's face it, complaining doesn't accomplish anything - doesn't add any value to the situation. If you are not happy, find a way to make the change. The change lies within you! Yes, it is not easy, but anything worth having is worth fighting for, so persevere, persevere, persevere! Keep your energy up and keep moving! Remind yourself of why you are doing this! Discipline yourself - you get who you are! Find a way -conquer yourself and the world is yours. You were created with unlimited power in the image of God! So stop complaining and be the change, you are unstoppable!

True happiness, true power lies in understanding yourself. Love the skin you're in. You are absolutely beautiful in God's sight. You're the best at being you- be the best you you can be. Show the world who you are, there's a place that only you can fill. Be free! Love yourself and the world will open up for you.

Others may see your gift long before you do! They may encourage you to use it, but you are handcuffed by fear! It's okay to feel afraid but don't let your fear stop you. Feel the fear but do it anyway.  It takes a lot of effort and commitment to be consistent on our journey to improve and fear can cripple us; keep us as spectators in the game. But fear is not real, it's just in our minds! It can't stop you! Don't be a spectator - get up and play! Let your fear motivate you to make a difference! So what if you fail sometimes, we learn and get even better from each mistake. Push though that fear and strive for excellence!  Be the star that you are! Your power is within you! Let it shine!  

So, there you have it folks! The TOP EIGHT POWER TOOLS from KT the Power Coach. I can feel the surge, can't you? So let's flip that switch and let's keep it ON! Together we can do it! We've got the power! 

Thanks KT!

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  1. Thanks for compiling and sharing these great tips, Carlie. I think sometimes we have more power within us than we are willing to use. I pray that we will tap into the Source and realise the greatness God has planned for us!

  2. Thanks for your comments, SunSparkleShine! Yes, that is my prayer, too! Here's a song from Casting Crowns that reminds me to do just that.


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